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Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Phase I: Pre-ATF Interview Requirements

    • Phase I Pre-ATF Interview Requirements

    • Official Welcome from Founder

    • Introduction

    • 3 Phased Approach

    • License Eligibility

    • Required Forms

    • Types of FFL Licenses & Cost

    • FFL Types Explained

    • Pre-Interview Requirements & Recommendations

    • License Intent

    • Knowing Your Environment

    • State Laws and Ordinances

    • Engaging Stakeholders

    • Zoning Video

    • Customer Zoning Experience #1

    • Business Premise

    • Establishing a Business Entity

    • Business Expenses

    • Frequently Asked Questions - General

    • Application for Federal Firearms License

    • Adding a Responsible Party & Form Completion

    • In the Event You're Denied

    • Frequently Asked Questions - FFL License

  • 2

    Phase I: California FFL Guidelines (Optional)

    • California FFL Guidelines

    • California Guidelines

    • Centralized List of Firearm Dealers

    • Centralized List Details

    • DOJ Certified Instructor Certification

    • California Firearms Licensee Check

    • Consignment & Pawn License

    • Large Capacity Magazine Permit

    • Dangerous Weapons License Permit

    • Employee Certificate of Eligibility

    • Ammunition Vendor License

    • Centralized List of Exempted FFLs

    • Centralized List of Exempted FFLs Details

    • California Firearms Licensee Check

    • Centralized List of Firearms Manufacturers

    • Centralized List of Firearms Manufacturers Details

    • Ammunition Vendor - Non-Firearms Dealers

  • 3

    Phase II: ATF Interview and Final Review

    • Phase II ATF Interview and Final Review

    • Interview and Final Review

    • Acknowledgement of Firearm Regulations

    • Acknowledgement of Firearm Regulations

    • Required Records & Reports

    • Required Records & Reports

    • Computerized Acquisition and Disposition Record

    • Firearms Transaction Record

    • Reporting Theft or Loss of Firearms

    • Conduct of Business

    • NICS Requirements

    • Sales or Deliveries between Licenses

    • Certified Copies of Licenses

    • Records maintained by Manufacturers

    • Record of Receipt and Disposition

    • Firearms Transaction not subject to a NICS Check

    • FFL EZ Check

    • Gun Show Guidelines

    • Out of State - Mail order and Internet Sales

    • Obliterated Serial Numbers

    • Licenses

    • Correction of Errors

    • Posting of License

    • Renewal Duration

    • Duration of License

    • Change of Address

    • Change in Trade Name

    • Change in Control

    • Discontinuance of Business

    • Miscellaneous Provisions

    • Right of Entry and Examination

    • Tracing Request and Examination Cont'd

    • Straw Purchase

    • Consignment of Firearms

    • Transportation of Firearms

    • State Laws and Local Guidelines

    • Compilation of State Laws and Published Ordinances

    • Gunsmith Activities

    • Gunsmith Definition

    • Firearms & Ammunition Manufacturers

    • Manufacturer Definition

    • How must Firearms be Identified

    • NFA Firearms

    • NFA Dealer

    • Special Tax Registration and Return

    • Special Occupational Tax Rates

    • Reduced rated for small manufacturers and Importers

    • Special Exemption

    • Employer Identification Number

    • Certificates in Lieu of Tax Stamps Lost or Destroyed

    • Importer

    • Importer Definition

    • Importer Acquisition and Disposition Record

    • Requirements for Importers and Manufacturers

    • Identification of Firearms and Armor Piercing Ammo

    • Signing the Acknowledge of Federal Firearm Regulations Form

  • 4

    Phase III: Post-Interview

    • Phase III

    • The Enactment of The Brady Act

    • National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)

    • NICS Process

    • Registering Employees for NICS E-Check

    • ATF Form 4473 (5300.9)

    • ATF Form 4473 Significance copy 2

    • ATF Form 4473 Explained

    • ATF Form 4473 Form Breakdown

    • Registering for ATF eForms

    • ATF eForms Registration

    • Firearms Business Insurance

    • How to Change your FFL Address

    • Gun Show Guidelines

    • Acquisition and Disposition Record

    • A&D Record

    • How to Ship Firearms

    • Shipping Firearms

    • Web Hosting

    • Firearms Distributors

    • End of Course Slide

    • Course Completion Video!!

Meet Your Instructor

Jay Jenkins, MS, PMP

• Founder, Silent Defender dba SEV II

• FFL Type 07, SOT Class 2

• 21 Year Army Veteran

• IT Security Professional

• USCCA Certified Firearms Instructor

• NRA RSO/Pistol Instructor

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the requirements to obtain a Federal Firearms License (FFL)?

    • must be a U.S. Citizen

    • must be 21 years old

    • must be able to legally possess a firearm

    • must have a location for conducting FFL activities (This could be home-based or have a storefront)

    • Ensure that your business activity at that location meets zoning requirements

    • has NOT have violated the Gun Control Act (GCA) or its regulations

    • NOT lied on your FFL application

  • Why did you decide to become a FFL?

    I was always intrigued by firearms, which is why I decided to join the military. I became a Unit Armorer early into my Army career, which gave me the opportunity to learn plenty about the firearms I was accountable for. Becoming a FFL was a natural transition for me as a civilian. The ability to develop relationships with a variety of manufacturers and distributors, in addition to manufacturing my own branded firearm brings a feeling of joy that I can’t quite put into words.

  • What is the average time taken to process a FFL Application?

    According to Federal guidelines, the ATF must contact you within 60 days of ATF processing your payment. FFL Elite encourages you to be proactive in preparing for the ATF interview. The proactive measures you take early on will prevent any delay once contacted by the ATF.

  • Does the ATF come out to inspect your business premise after reviewing my application?

    Under normal circumstances, the ATF would visit your primary business location in order to conduct the ATF Interview. However, during the COVID-19 Pandemic they may opt to conduct a phone/Skype interview. Alternatively, they may decide to visit your business premise in the event your area has low numbers. The interview is a very important part of the FFL Application process. The IOI Investigator needs to have confidence that you completely understand the federal laws that you’re required to adhere to when conducting business as a FFL.

  • Is it true that my business can receive up to 20%-30% from distributors and manufacturers?

    Yes, you can certainly purchase firearms and dealer rates which will give you an opportunity to make a profit when selling the firearms at retail prices. However, some distributors or manufacturers will require that you purchase larger quantities in order to establish a business account while others may not.

  • What if I don’t have a Storefront, will I be able to obtain my FFL License using my home address?

    Contrary to popular belief, you are NOT required to have a storefront in order to obtain a FFL License. I started my FFL from my home address and later transitioned to a commercial location once I developed enough capital. You can do the same.

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